Rolex Submariner 116610LV Green watch Since its launch in 2008, there have been many different replica watch makers who have tried numerous times to imitate this Green Submariner, because it is a classic classic, explosions in the explosion.
Replica watches The manufacturing industry can't immediately create a so-called perfect 1:1. It is only possible to invest in upgrade development after discovering a popular watch style. We use the most objective way to introduce the good or bad of this replica rolex submariner 116610LV green watch.

Replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV Green Watch

The most response I received a while ago was that the bezel was blackened for a while, and there was a feeling of falling paint. I tried to brush it with toothpaste before, and the effect was OK. This is the N8 V8 b version of Replica Rolex Submariner. The common problem with watch. Responsible to tell everyone that all N factory V8 bezel will be black, then some people will ask, is this true? Black Submariner will not fade, in fact, all watches, especially bright colors, in addition to real gold, other materials for a long time, fade can not be avoided, because Fake Green Rolex Submariner outer ring is ceramic, The mirror is green, so a little fade will still be obvious. Now 3135 is still quite good in this respect. N Factory has been working hard to fix this loophole, hoping to let us have new rolex knockoff expectations.

This customized version of the Replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV Green Watch and our familiar N-factory V8 is actually a version, but on this basis, the bezel is made of Japanese imported ceramic outer ring. There is a slight difference in color, but I think it is really not easy to achieve this color. After all, the color errors of the previous seven versions have finally been modified in this upgrade. Overall, I think everyone will be more satisfied with this revision. In fact, the N factory can do this process is very good in the replica watches market, because its price is very different from the genuine after all! Get more private customized versions please visit Replica Rolex Submariner


Here I talk to you, let's talk about thickness, that is, the thickness of genuine and genuine is not exactly the same. Of course, the basics of N factory are not the same as the original, but this thickness is very measured, in any case I I believe that it can't be seen with the naked eye. Of course, this is also a relatively easy thing, and its head and genuine contrast is also very perfect, even the arc above and below the head is perfect, big submariner replica rolex sea dweller

The following picture is taken by me. Let me tell you the details of the dials. Let's take a look at the four points to summarize the evaluation!

1, regarding the proportion of the pointer, the width of the outer ring and the structure of the case are completely one to one.

2, after the calendar part is enlarged several times, we can see the difference from the window. The authentic window is smooth and perfect. The V8 version looks a little bit sloppy in front of him. Although the calendar font is exactly the same, it is acceptable. After all, it is close to perfection.

3, triangle and inner circle graduation lettering can reflect the excellence of N factory from the above picture, the printing of LOGO part of the font is consistent with the original, so I have to sigh.

>4, as shown in the figure below, the luminous beads are constantly updating the technology and process with the update of the version, and there will be no overflow phenomenon.

Magnified green face